I.C.U. Bed Series
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Electric ICU Hospital Bed

New Design
To apply Modular Design
Suitable for SICU、MICU

Specification :
Specification :
Overall size: L2315 x W1110mm
Bed height: 485–885mm (Range: 400mm)
Backrest lift: 0-75°
Knee break: 0-40°
Backrest and Knee break can be moved at the same time
Trendelenburg & Rev. Trend: ±18°
Movable Head and Foot Boards (Plastic molding)
CPR release function (Electrical & Mechanical)
I.V. socket: 2 sockets each side (4 sockets in total)
Urine bag holder: 2 each side (4 in total)
Column motor system with Battery Back-up
High quality 6”Twin wheel x 4 (2 with brake)
Bed-Length extension range: 200 mm
Frame with Roller bumper adding extra safety while moving around
± 5% tolerance for above
Option: X-ray transparent platform for head section
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Central Brake and Steer System
New 3-pedals design
Visual symbol and easy to operate
Head Section: use X-ray
transparent platform (Option)
CPR Release for Backrest
CPR device allows the nursing staff to
instantly lower the backrest to a full flat
from any degree of elevation In order
to saves vital time in critical situations.
Low Voltage DC Actuator
The advanced low voltage DC actuator
system to all electric range. The features
: Low noise,waterproof, anti-overload
protection, economic in electricity and
battery back-up. ACP Controller