Manual Nursing Bed Series
B-330S,Manual Hospital Bed


Manual Hospital Bed

High Quality
Durability and easy to maintain
Suitable for General ward、Nursing home

Specification :
Overall size: L2140xW1000 mm
Backrest: 0-80˚
Knee-break: 0-40˚
Bed Height: 350-700 mm
Frame: Made by steel with Anti-Bacterial powder coating.
I.V. Socket: 5 (each side)
± 5% tolerance for above

Support Mattress Platform
Support Mattress Platform
Platform is pressed zinc-plated steel with
anti-bacterial powder coating and
resistance to chemicals. It is provided
with excellent ventilation.
Castor (No. IB-5)
Lockable Castors x 4
Diameter: 5”
Option: Central Brake System
LHD (Low Height Design)
The design is suitable for elder and cripple.
It Is provided with an auxiliary function
to assist users to go to bed or leave bed
easily and safely. It can provide users with
a safe environment, and enhances transfer
to wheelchair or walker.
Accessories (Option)
Telescopic Dining Table

The feature can shorten the length of table while not in use to provide against possible harms of protrusion.
Head and Foot Board (No. H-02)
Frame: Plastic Molding
Movable Head and Foot Boards with
Safety -Switch The board can be detached
easily and quickly by nursing staff.
Foldable Crank Handle
The crank can be withdrawn into bed-end
while not in use. It can protect nursing
staff against any possible harms of
Two Sections I.V. Pole (Four Hooks)
Frame: Stainless 304#
ABS Collapsible Side Rail (3/4 Length)
Size: Fold Up: L1540 x H400 mm
Fold Down: L1850 x H140 mm
Pneumatic Assistance
Light-load for Bed-height adjustment.

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