I.C.U. Bed Series
B-880AU,Electric ICU Hospital Bed


Electric ICU Hospital Bed

New Design
To apply Modular Design
Suitable for SICU、MICU

Specification :
Overall Size:
L2150 x W900 mm (Rail-down)
L2150 x W1060 mm (Rail-up)
Backrest: 0 - 80°
Knee-break: 0 - 40°
Trendelenburg & Rev.Trendelenburg: ± 11°
Bed Height: 470 - 770 mm
Frame: Steel is made with HYBRID Anti-Bacterial powder coating
I.V. Socket: 2 (each side)
± 5% tolerance for above

ACP System (Foot-end Nurse Controller)

Error Code Function
Lockout (Backrest/Knee-break/Up-down)
Digital Angle Indicator (Backrest / Trendelenburg & Rev.Trend.)
Position Saving: Offer Four Positions Saving
Power Saving Function
Reset / Calibration Function
Low Power Indicator
ACP Panel comply with standard EN 1970:2000 5.5.8

Digital Scale-weight System

Easy to operate
Provided with "Keeping Function"
Max. 240kg / 530lbs
Min. 0.1kg / 0.2lbs
Display: 4 digits LED
Support Mattress Platform
Platform is made by Plastic integrated
molding. Beautiful outlook, light weight
and durability are their features.
(Easy to clean and maintenance)
Central Brake and Steer System
New 3-pedals design
Visual symbol and easy to operate
Low Voltage DC Actuator
The advanced low voltage DC actuator
system to all electric range. The features
: Low noise,waterproof, anti-overload
protection, economic in electricity and
battery back-up. ACP Controller
Head Section: use X-ray
transparent platform (Option)
Head and Foot Board (No. H-01)
Frame: Plastic Molding
Movable Head and Foot Boards with
Safety -Switch
Tuck-away Side Rail (Half-Length)
To adopt Split Zero-Transfer-Gap design
to enhance transfer to another bed,
wheel-chair or walker with facility.
CPR Release for Backrest
CPR device allows the nursing staff to
instantly lower the backrest to a full flat
from any degree of elevation In order
to saves vital time in critical situations.

Bed-Length Extension
Extension range: 200 mm
(L2210 - 2410 mm)